Clown School

By Clare Mishica


     Bello the Clown puts up a trampoline. He pretends his foot is stuck in the springs. Then his whole body is caught! Another clown is shot from a cannon into a net.
     How do clowns learn their tricks? Some clowns go to clown school.
     At clown school, clowns are taught how to put on makeup and design their costumes. Then they figure out how they want to look. For instance, Bello the Clown has red hair that sticks straight up. A clown named Hollywood wears a yellow jacket and a tie with smiley faces. No two clowns ever look the same.
     Clowns are also taught silly tricks. They practice spitting streams of water when someone pumps their arms. They throw pies full of soapy foam at each other, too. They even practice falling down without getting hurt.