Shark Sense

By Sue Bradford Edwards


     If someone shouts "Shark!" at the beach, you'll probably run out of the water. But people kill over one hundred million sharks each year. We eat sharks in soups and as fish and chips. Sharks, on the other hand, only kill about six people a year. Then why are we so afraid of them?
     Probably because sharks are very good at what they do. Every sense a shark has is focused on hunting. Mostly they hunt for fish or seals. A shark's eyes are on the side of its head so it can see in all directions. And that includes being able to see almost directly behind it.
     Sharks' eyes also catch the slightest movement. When a fish tries to flee, the shark is sure to see it.
     But what if the fish hides on the sandy ocean bottom? Even if it can't see or smell its prey, a shark swimming close by will still know the fish is there. How? Sharks have an extra sense besides their eyes, ears, and nose. They can sense electricity!